Calculate planar gradients for CTF data

I was looking into how to transform CTF MEG data to planar gradients in brainstorm and I saw the fieldtrip function ft_combineplanar on the future development page. I was wondering if there is any progress in this regard or if you have an alternative in brainstorm?

Many thanks in advance

You can probably import the CTF recordings in the Brainstorm and estimate sources (as illustrated in the introduction tutorials), then create a new empty folder, copy in it the channel file from an Elekta/MEGIN MEG, compute the forward model, copy the full source maps in the same folder, use the Brainstorm simulation features to project the CTF recordings on the Elekta sensors. This solution requires advanced skills with the Brainstorm interface.

You can also try computing this manually, by multiplying the Gain field from the Elekta forward model with the source signals (ImageGridAmp).

For getting started with Brainstorm scripting: