CAT12 error - not visible and not compatible


I have just downloaded Brainstorm into another computer where I don't have a MATLAB licence. I have downloaded the MATLAB Runtime 2022b version and I can open up Brainstorm correctly.
The problem which I am encountering is that many plugins are installed and loaded automatically but I need CAT12 which is not. I cannot download it as it doesn't show as it does in my other other computer where I have a MATLAB licence.
When I try to do the segmentation with CAT12, I get an error saying that CAT12 is not compatible with the version that I have.
Is there any way to fix this? Should I download a different version of MATLAB Runtime?

Thank you very much in advance.

This is the expected behaviour as CAT12 is not included in the Brainstorm compiled version.

Since there is not Matlab license in that other computer, you could:

  1. Pre-process the anatomies with Brainstorm-CAT12, and and move the results to the other computer, or
  2. Use the standalone version of CAT12: