CAT12 error Segmentation

Hi everyone!

When I try to segmentate the MRI, I obtain the following error:

Line 473: spm_jobman>fill_run_job

No executable modules, but still unresolved dependencias or incomplete module inputs.

Call stack:

>Spm_jobman.m>fill_run_job at 472

>Spm_jobam.m at 247

>Process_Segment_Cat12.m>Compute at 359

>Process_Segment_Cat12.m>ComputeInteractive at 442

>Process_Segment_Cat12.m at 28

>Bst_Call.m at 28

>Tree_callbacks.m>@process_sgemnt_Cat12,’ComputeInteractive’,iSubject,iAnatomy) at 3086


I have update all the versions...I work with Windows. Thanks!

Hi @ErikaHS

After CAT12 stops with the error, can you run the command below in the Matlab Command Window?
This would check if there are multiple installations of SPM in your computer

which('Spm_jobman', '-all')