Cluster-based statistic against baseline

Hello everybody,

I would like to run a cluster-based statistical test against the baseline, e.q. using ft_sourcestatistics.
While using the pipeline editor I wasn’t able to construct a working pipeline.
Does anybody knows how to or a different solution?

Roughly my current situation is that I have a file containing averaged MEG-data and I want to use the first time segment as baseline and compare it against the last time segment.

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There is no statistics against a baseline using FieldTrip function available in Brainstorm. Only tests between different experimental conditions or populations are possible with cluster-based correction at the moment.

If you know how to do it with FieldTrip scripts and want to help us translate it into a Brainstorm process, you are more than welcome to contribute to the project.

Otherwise, you can always export all your values of interest (or read them directly from the .mat files) and run you stat outside of Brainstorm.


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Thank you very much for the response :slight_smile: