Clusters visualisation and cluster time series extraction


I have a database with EEG data and I have created electrode clusters. When I have used clusters I always could open clusters for any subject in the following ways:

  • I could open clusters with no further file opened - i.e. selecting the files to overlap for visualisation together with previously opened clusters in the panel.
  • If I wanted to export cluster time series, I just opened the clusters and applied to all subject being exported at once. Only opening the clusters in the panel I could visualise the clusters in the RUN/extract cluster time series.

I believe that from the last BS update I applied recently, I need to save the clusters one by one to each subject/condition to be able to export clusters for a group of subjects. This might be tedious because Each subject has many conditions with associated channel files and as I see I might need to save the clusters for each channel file.

Is there any way to apply the clusters to all subjects/conditions - channel files at the same time?

Thank you very much.

Hi Elena,

I added a new function db_set_clusters.m to help you deal with clusters programmatically:

I added some examples in the tutorials:

Let me know if you think of other options for these functions that would make your life easier.

Dear Francois,

It worked great. I run it from the command window, specifying the path of the channel fine 'PATH/channel.mat', and applying the 'Allsubjects' option.

(I thought I had responded right away, I realise now that I did not send the response. Therefore apologises for the delay in my answer)

Thank you very much