Coherence computation

  1. In the new version of Brainstorn in menu of coherence computation exist new option: hilbert, mallett, fourier. In the tutorial described only usual method of coherence computation, based on Fourier transform. Where are described coherence on Hilbert transform?
  2. After choice "fourier' was an error. It is programm error or need new version of Matlab? (We use 2019)
  3. Result of computation is in .mat file 820x8000x6.
    I believe, that 820 elements in triaqngle coherence matrix, 6 - frequency diapasones, but what it 8000 array? I think, that coherence computed not in the point, but on the long fragment of signal.

Yes, recently an updated in the connectivity functions was perfomed and the update in the tutorials will be there soon. Computation of coherence using Hilbert transform was before located within the Envelope correlation GUI. You can find information on how it is computed in this post: Lagged coherence - #3 by Raymundo.Cassani

What's the displayed error?

Check this post: Visualize Connectivity matrix using imagesc - #2 by Raymundo.Cassani

It seems you computed a coherence estimation for each time point of your data (thus the 8000 elements).

Displayed error:

@sanitareugen, this was a bug related to creation of a report message, it is now fixed at: commit bb1d276

Please update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix