Collaboration opportunity for EEG researcher/s

Collaboration opportunity for EEG researcher/s with an interest in functional connectivity and/or (linear) frequency cepstral coefficients

From David Mayor and Tony Steffert (UK)

OUR PROJECT investigates the effects of different frequencies of transcutaneous electroacupuncture stimulation (TEAS) applied to the hands. We are looking for EEG responses in the brain that may be related to the stimulation frequency (rather than just a volume conduction effect).

YOUR COLLABORATION would involve using existing toolboxes to extract connectivity and/or frequency cepstral coefficients from around 2000 pre-processed 5-minute 19-channel EEG recordings from 66 individuals. Other features could also be extracted, if agreed.

We envisage that one or more of the following packages could be used:



MNE-Connectivity []

EEG dynamic connectivity and microstates analysis [] (the latter with supervision from Stavros Dimitriadis)


cepstralCoefficients []

For those with the requisite skills, we anticipate that these tasks should not be too demanding!

DATA, re-montaged using an average local reference and filtered between 0.5 and 45 Hz, mostly sampled at 500 Hz (although 32 files were sampled at 250 Hz). The 5-minute time series data are available in .mat or .txt (csv) format, and 10-second segments in .txt (csv) format (10 segments from each 5-minute recording, without overlap). The files are of two types, all recorded with eyes open – half were with pulsed biphasic square wave electrical stimulation to the hands (at 2.5, 10, 80 or 160 pulses per second), and half without the stimulation. (Further description of the data may be found in Uyulan et al. 2023,

PUBLICATION: We can offer co-authorship for one or more papers in appropriate open-access journals, but as independent researchers are not in a position to be able to pay for the work carried out.

ABOUT US: We (David Mayor and Tony Steffert) have been working together on this since 2011, with a number of papers already published and more in the pipeline. (You can read more at

DM is the author/editor of Elsevier’s textbook on electroacupuncture (, and TS an experienced qEEG neurofeedback practitioner and researcher ( In 2017, we organised a Brainstorm workshop for Sylvain Baillet and François Tadel at the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, England. We are currently both visiting Fellows at universities in the UK (DM at the University of Hertfordshire, TS at the Open University).

If you are interested in collaborating on this project or have any questions about it, please contact David Mayor before 1 October 2023.

David Mayor
MA BAc FBAcC Hon member AACP

Visiting Fellow (Physiotherapy),
Department of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery,
School of Health and Social Work,
University of Hertfordshire, UK

[+44] 1707 320782

Good morning,

Thanks for reaching out, Sir. I am genuinely enthusiastic about the EEG research collaboration you've proposed. Given my strong background in Data Science, Deep Learning, and prior experience in Medical Signal processing, I am confident in my ability to effectively analyze your EEG data using the provided toolboxes and packages.

Please find attached my cv and let me know when we can connect to discuss the details and possibilities in greater depth.

Happy to hear from you, soon,
Best regards,
Mohamed_Marzougui_CV.pdf (79.7 KB)

Yes I have experience with this. I have developed several different ways of parsing and differentiating different input shapes.

I only have one question.

Has a method been developed to capture these 19 channels remotely/wirelessly?


Good evening,

Currently, I am using Brainstorm to implement methods for my PhD thesis, so I have it all fresh in my mind. My area is Applied Mathematics, so I am familiar with data analysis.

Attached I my CV with further information about my own projects, as well as contact information.

This project looks interesting. I hope for a fruitful collaboration.

EncisoAlvaCV.pdf (141.2 KB)

I'm interested, how can I apply for this opportunity?

I would like to work on this project because have a great interest in EEG connectivity analysis, and acupuncture. I use the MatLab tools and the LORETA package to analyze the coherence/phase synchronization connectivity in the frequency and time domain . This is my ORCID number to verify my publications:

Best regards