Combining simulated time series

In the brainstorm TPAC tutorial, it says
"we simulated three time series with phase-amplitude coupling using brainstorm tool, and combine them in matlab"

I've generated the three simulated signals, but how would I go about combining them in matlab?

@Samiee @Sylvain:
Can you please add instructions on how to combine these signals to the PAC tutorial?

I also noticed that there are some empty sections at the end of this page, and there is still the text "TUTORIAL UNDER DEVELOPMENT" at the top of the page.
Do you still consider this page to be under construction?

It is pretty manual:

  • you should export each signal into matlab (right click > file > export to matlab).
  • In matlab, copy the first one to have a new struct (e.g. new_struct = struct1).
  • Then concatenate the fields (e.g. struct.Value, struct.Time) and modify the brainstorm comment saved as .Comment.
  • In next step you can import it back to brainstorm:
    • For importing back, duplicate one of the previously generated files: right click on one of the files > file > duplicate
    • Then, right click on the duplicated file (new name ends in "_copy") > file > import from matlab, select the new struct.

But, in general there is no need to go through all these steps to generate this combined signal. You can learn how to use tPAC, with only one of these three time series (e.g. second one). I put it there for better illustrating what tPAC does.

@Francois , it is pretty manual and there is no need to produce this complicated signal to learn how to use tPAC in brainstorm. If you think it is necessary, I can add my reply to slmille4 to the tutorial.

About empty sections, thank you for reminding, I have just noticed there are some empty sections. I will complete them and remove "Tutorial under development". Thank you!

Thank you. Yes, it would be good to have the instructions in the tutorial, so that others can reproduce it.