Compute sources error for ECOG and SEEG

Hi, since updating Brainstorm, I get the following error when trying to compute sources:

** Error: No valid sensor types to estimate a head model.

I get the same error with both ECOG and SEEG sensors (I changed the sensor types in the channel file to either ‘ECOG’ or ‘SEEG’). I am right-clicking my EEG file and clicking “Compute sources,” which give the error. By the way, I am on Linux.

This error arose after I updated Brainstorm on 4/30/13. The previous version I had was downloaded around 3/13/13, and “Compute sources” for ECOG and SEEG worked fine.

Please let me know if you want any additional info. Thanks.

Indeed, there was a little bug while reloading the headmodel files…
I fixed the problem: you have to update brainstorm and reload your database in order to be able to calculate sources for SEEG and ECOG sensors.
Sorry for the inconvenience.