Computing connectivity based on source space

Dear Francois,

I have some questions to consult when calculating connectivity on the source signals.

Process 1: when I use MN: EEG (unconstr) 2018 to compute connectivity,image ,
the result is as follows:

Process 2A: if the source signals are mapped into the scouts (select uncontrained sources: Norm of the three orientations (x,y,z)), then extract the scouts signals, to compute the connectivity, the process and result are as follows:

Process 2B: as the process 2A, but this process don't select the uncontrained sources: Norm of the three orientations (x,y,z), result is as follows:

Computing source using contrained sources orientation, process 1 and 2 will get the same result. As recommened in the tutorial, when computing connectivity based on sources, using contrained sources is easier. However, when I try to compute connectivity based on unconstrained cources, the results of the prcess 1, 2A and 2B are very different, I wonder to know which result is accurate and reliable, and what the difference is between process 1 and 2? And whether I did something wrong with these processes. Can you give me some suggestions?

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Please advise on the status of connectivity on unconstrained sources.
If we have no solution for this, it should be disabled from the interface.

This topic is now documented in the tutorials: