Connect Brainstorm to MNE-Python - practical example

Dear All,
I appreciate you for helping in advance.
I would like to connect Brainstorm to MNE-Python after all of preprocessing steps on my EEG dataset in Brainstorm. In order to this implementation, I've followed the official guideline HERE.

  1. As I understand, I have to do all of preprocessing steps in Brainstorm and then export my data in Matlab script (*.m) format to import it to MNE-Python using the two APIs at the end of the guideline in the Python IDEs like Colab or Jupyter. Do I understand connecting way correctly?

  2. Do you have any practical examples or samples that they demonstrate how can I use these two APIs correctly?

Thank you again.

In order to this implementation, I've followed the official guideline HERE.

The information in this tutorial are designed to help users set up a MNE-Python environment compatible with Matlab, in order to be able to call Brainstorm processes relying on MNE-Python functions. At the moment, only the process Pre-process > MNE-Python: maxwell_filter (SSS/tSSS) is available with this bridge.
This is not really designed to teach you how to export to data into files readable by MNE-Python.

If you are comfortable with Matlab programming, you can write your own processing scripts (and/or your own Brainstorm processes) in order to use some MNE-Python functions from Matlab/Brainstorm.

In these scripts, you can use the out_mne_channel.m and out_mne_data.m to convert channel/data Brainstorm file structures into MNE-Python objects/

The best example of this you can find is the process_mne_maxwell.m function: