Connectivity analysis of mixed head models

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to generate a single connectivity matrix based on wPLI from a mixed model? In particular, if we have n surface sources (A) and n volume sources (B), I know it is possible to calculate AxA, BxB (using Process1) and AxB (using Process2). I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a single matrix without transforming them afterward in MATLAB ((A+B)x(A+B)).
Thanks for any reply

What do refer as "sources" here, a single dipoles, scouts of sources files?

Connectivity at single-dipole level is not advised, as it will lead to extremely large files.

If it is scout level, one way to do it is to extract one time series for each Surface scout, extract one time series for each Volume scouts, concatenate those time series, and run connectivity in the concatenated data