Copying events into new catagory

Dear Brainstorm team,

I have EEG data from a CCEP experiment, where I could nicely find the evoked response by finding events by the artifact. In my EEG file, I have different conditions (4 mA, 6 mA, etc.), and for each condition, we have 50 evoked responses after each other. Now I would like to make small event bins for those 50 CCEPs. However, I couldn't figure out how to easily do that except for copying all the found artifacts and then deleting the ones that are not in the certain condition. (for example the events selected in blue in the picture to a new group)

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Hi Steven,

Did you use a process to find the events? E.g. the process Detect event above threshold?
If so, you could restrict the Time window to the segment where you expect a certain condition, and then run the detect process for each condition.

On a side note. From the shared image, is the detection correct? Not missed evoked responses nor other events detected? Asking as the number of events (422) is not multiple of 50.

From the GUI, your approach seems the easiest. Alternatively, this could be done with a custom script that automates copy a group N times, and delete specific events from each of the N copies.
You can find an example of how to manipulate the Event structures here:


Dear Raymundo,

I indeed used detect event above threshold, you are right I forgot that I could have restricted the time window and then run the process for each condition.

Thanks for noting that indeed the amount of events is not a multiple of 50, there were a couple of mislabeled events, which were luckily quite quickly identified and removed :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response,