Corrupted protocol - Brainstorm update

Hi all,
I just updated Brainstorm and when reloading the protocol I got this message. Would it be possible to create a new protocol from my existing database?

Error using load
Unable to read MAT-file D:\Brainstorm\brainstorm_db\CoRe\data\protocol.mat. File might be corrupt.

Error in db_update>GetProtocolMat (line 475)
ProtMat = load(ProtocolFile);

Error in db_update (line 62)
[ProtocolMat, ProtocolFile] = GetProtocolMat(sProtocol);

Error in db_edit_protocol (line 123)
db_update(GlobalData.DataBase.DbVersion, sProtocol);

Error in gui_edit_protocol/updateProtocolModificiations (line 169)
iProtocol = db_edit_protocol(action, sProtocol, iProtocol);

Hi Arnaud,

Your protocol.mat might have been in a weird state when you updated Brainstorm. If you remove this protocol.mat file from your brainstorm_db (back it up just in case) and you restart Brainstorm, does it fix your issue?

Hi Martin,
Yes indeed, problem fixed! Thanks a lot.