Cortical parcellation PSD


Could you guide me to the correct function/documentation, please?
Context: I have hd-EEG data where I computed PSD (theta and delta) for each region in a cortical parcellation (i.e., DK parcellation; I have, for example, theta power for each of the 64 areas). Fig. 1 below.
I want to plot a mesh (inflated or freesurfer based) where I 'color' some cortical parcellated regions (e.g., 2 and 10) based on some criteria. Fig. 2 below.
How can I load my PSD data back to Brainstorm to 'color' cortical parcellations based on an arbitrary PSD scale for each frequency bin?

Fig 2.

Hi @CamiloCastelblanco,

A way to do this is:

  1. Compute a PSD (per bands) of the full cortex with Brainstorm, and export it as a Matlab variable:

  2. The TF field contain the PSD values; its size should be [nVertices, 1, nBands]. Modify it with the power values you plan to plot.
    Note: the same power value must be copied to all the vertices that correspond to one Scout (cortical parcellation):

  3. Import the modified PSD variable from Matlab to Brainstorm

Just change the Smooth slider once the PSD is plotted, to adjust how the surface inflation


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This was very helpful; thank you so much @Raymundo.Cassani !