Crash when viewing edited events

Brand new to Brainstorm, using the newest (3/12/18) version of Brainstorm with Matlab 2017a.
I’m trying to edit a MEG event, and I followed the instructions exactly that are given here:
While the revisions do appear when I load the event back into Brainstorm, if I click on an event I soon get errors.

Here’s the brainstorm error I get:
** Error: Line 4109: text
** Invalid parameter/value pair arguments
** Call stack:
** >figure_timeseries.m>PlotEventsDots_EventsBar at 4109
** >figure_timeseries.m>UpdateRawTime at 3990
** >figure_timeseries.m>PlotRawTimeBar at 3931
** >figure_timeseries.m>PlotFigure at 2626
** >figure_timeseries.m at 39
** >view_timeseries.m at 234
** >tree_callbacks.m at 241
** >bst_call.m at 28
** >panel_protocols.m>CreatePanel/protocolTreeClicked_Callback at 109

Here’s the full set of matlab errors I get:

Error using text
Invalid parameter/value pair arguments

Error in figure_timeseries>PlotEventsDots_EventsBar (line 4109)
hEvtLabel = text(mean(events(iEvt).times,1), … % X

Error in figure_timeseries>UpdateRawTime (line 3990)

Error in figure_timeseries>PlotFigure (line 2623)

Error in figure_timeseries (line 39)

Error in bst_figures>ReloadFigures (line 1737)
isOk = figure_timeseries(‘PlotFigure’, iDS, iFig, [], [], isFastUpdate);

Error in bst_figures (line 59)

Error in panel_record>ReloadRecordings (line 1115)

Error in panel_record>ValidateTimeWindow (line 603)

Error in panel_record>SetStartTime (line 542)

Error in panel_record>JumpToEvent (line 1488)
SetStartTime(startTime, evtEpoch);

Error in panel_record>CreatePanel/ListOccur_ClickCallback (line 360)



I have no idea why you get these errors, I cannot reproduce this on my end.
Could you try to illustrate better your issue by taking a few screen captures of what the interface looks like when you start getting these errors?
Please try to also come up with a precise list of operations (mouse clicks and keyboard presses) to reproduce this error.

After importing the new event file:
double-clicking on Link to raw file produces the warning shown in screen shot ss1
Clicking on a modified event in the list of events makes brainstorm crash (ss2).

Thanks for your fast reply!


ps I can only put one image in at a time; ss2 will be in a second reply.

ss2: ss2

When you create the events with the interface it always works, and when you modify the events manually it never works?
So this is not a Brainstorm bug, you just do something wrong when editing the event structure. Compare carefully the structure of the Brainstorm-generated events with your structures, then fix you code.