Creating Lateralized Figures of Cortex and Subcortical Regions Separately


I'm currently trying to generate my figures in brainstorm, modeling both results on the neocortex and subcortical region. I was wondering if it were possible for figure generation, to separate these two regions, so I can show a lateral and medial view of the neocortex as well as display the subcortical regions in a separate figure.

The only way I can visualize the subcortical regions in full is in the following manner:

But by showing an unobstructed view of the cortex, I am losing these subcortical regions.


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Hi @adascal, thanks for the feedback.

This feature is now available in Brainstorm, added in commit: 88d350f
Update your Brainstorm instance to get this new feature.

Now, it is possible to combine the Resect sliders (X,Y and Z) and the Resect buttons

For the figure at the bottom, select Struct and then move the Y slider to the desired side

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