Curvature values on the head mask


I wanted to ask a question regarding how the curvature values were obtained from the head mask .mat file. I am using SimNIBS 4.0 to extract the head mask. But SimNIBS itself does not produce curvature values. Are these extracted using the gmsh functions?

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Begüm Sönmez

Hey @begumsonmez

These values are computed within Brainstorm for the surface files.

The possible option I see is to extract the surface of the FEM mesh that you have, (right-click and then extract the surface); then, to have the curvature computed, you need to visualize each surface.

Let me know if that works fine with your model.


Hey @tmedani

Thank you very much for your reply. I was able to obtain the curvature values from the FEM mesh already. I was wondering how these values were computed, i.e. with what calculation method/algorithm, as I was unable to find a specific documentation about it.


Hi @begumsonmez,

Not sure if you have seen this post, it may be useful:


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Hi @Raymundo.Cassani

Yes, this looks very helpful, thank you!