Custom figure overlay on Dipole 3D MRI Viewer


I am interested in overlaying custom spheres to delineate ROIs in the 3D MRI Dipole viewer figure. The spheres would be defined by the following parameters.

  • Radius = r
  • Center = [x,y,z]

I would greatly appreciate any advice that can be provided!

Thank you

To do so, the idea is to generate a triangular mesh for the sphere and plot it.
Check the code snippet below.

% 1. Open the 3D figure with MRI slices and dipoles
% Sphere parameters
radius       = 0.01;    % In meters
nVertices    = 32;      % More for smoother sphere
colorRGB     = [1,1,0];
transparence = 0.5;
% Center of sphere is in right hippocampus
center       =  [2, -30, 32] ./ 1000; % In meters and SCS

[sphereVertex, sphereFaces] = tess_sphere(nVertices);
% Scale the sphere to 1cm
sphereVertex = radius .* sphereVertex;
% Position of sphere
sphereVertex(:,1) = sphereVertex(:,1) + center(1);
sphereVertex(:,2) = sphereVertex(:,2) + center(2);
sphereVertex(:,3) = sphereVertex(:,3) + center(3);
% Create display sphere as patch
figure_3d('PlotSurface', gcf, sphereFaces, sphereVertex, colorRGB, transparence);


:bulb: radius and center are in meters, and coordinates are in the Subject Coordinate System (SCS)

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Thank you so much!