Data Matrix error processing files

I got this error when trying to average files in my group. It does tell me which file apparently has a different data matrix, but I don't know why this would be happening. It is the exact same protocol and number of trials, what exactly does this error mean and how can I find where the files differ?

I am guessing there could be multiple reasons:

  1. Perhaps this file #3 has a different number of samples in the x-axis?
  2. Different number of channels?
  3. Different number of files? I.e. if you are averaging matrix files (not recording files) each matrix file will have a different number of files in it I'm guessing.

You may want to share with the Brainstorm team more information (such as screenshots of the trials you are trying to average, your protocol, analysis pipeline etc; whatever you think will be necessary to provide more info for others to help you). I'm sure the Brainstorm team can assist you more.

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Thanks for your help! I fixed the issue, there was a discrepancy in the sampling rate between two of my files.