Database file search super slow


I have a protocol with 45 subjects. Lots of different files and conditions (each sub has 5 sessions x 4 runs , 4 conditions, plus all sorts of variants and processing steps on the way, obviously).

In order to create some averages, I try using the search feature in the database, but it is extremely slow.
I first try to select only files that contain "WAvg" in name, and are of type "Source". It takes 80s to run, which makes fine-tuning a search pretty impractical...

I ran a profiler specifically around a search, and tracked down the longest time spent ( to panel_protocols>ActiveSearch that is ran 280,000 times and takes 31s.

Do you see any way to improve this?

@filipa this if for your protocol

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Hi @DNAcombo,

Indeed, it takes quite a lot. I will have a look to it in the next week.

We are currently working on the next version of the database management (SQL-based), which among other benefits, it will accelerate these kind of searches.

Meanwhile, have you tried to use the methods: File > Select files: Recordings / Sources / Time-Freq / Matrices?

These methods are faster, as they do not have to iteratively explore the node tree (as Search Database does)

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