Desikan-Killiany version?

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I am trying to import an MNI parcellation of the Desikan-Killiany atlas into a specific subject. To export the data, I would first like to get the scout labels from the default atlas included in Brainstorm (to avoid labels being assigned just with numbers), however this latter includes four regions less than the MNI parcellation I get from Freesurfer or other online resources (110 in Brainstorm's file vs 114 from other sources). May it be an atlas version issue?

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  • As a side note: I think there is a spelling error in the file name? It is currently called "Deskian" instead of "Desikan", although I see mispellings inside the Freesurfer documentation as well...

The Desikan-Killiany atlas (110 ROIs) in the Default anatomy was obtained by running FreeSurfer 7.3.2 on the ICBM 2009c MRI as described here:

Looking at the differences between that atlas and the ones online, the four labels that are not included :

  • Corpus callosum L
  • Corpus callosum R
  • Unknown L
  • Unknown R

The Corpus callosum L/R labels corresponds to voxels in the corpus callosum that are not labelled as CC_{Porterior / Mid_Posterior, Central, Mid_Anterior or Anterior}. And the Unknown L/R labels to brain voxels without any other label.

Yes, there was a typo on our side at the moment of creating the Default anatomy.