Different channels: noise covariance and recordings?

Hi Francois,

Apologies - I am also a beginner on Brainstorm, and I am also receiving a similar error that I don't quite understand. I was able to calculate the head model and the noise covariance from the recording segments, but when I try to compute the sources, this error is telling me the noise covariance and recordings have different bad channels?

Thanks for any advice,

Hi Sophia,

As the error indicates, there is a difference in the bad (and therefor the good) channels in the noise-covariance and the recordings. This could happen in this situation:

  • The noise covariance contains bad channels that were good when doing SSP/ICA artifact removal on the recordings.

Detailed information on this can be found in here:

Can you provide more details on the steps that were taken to compute the noise covariance, and how the pre-processing of the recordings was performed?

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