Early journal papers

[li]Grova C, Daunizeau J, Lina JM, et al., Evaluation of EEG localization methods using realistic simulations of interictal spikes, [B]NEUROIMAGE[/B] 29 (3): 734-753 FEB 1 2006
[/li][li]Sergent C, Baillet S, Dehaene S, Timing of the brain events underlying access to consciousness during the attentional blink,[B]NATURE NEUROSCIENCE [/B]8 (10): 1391-1400 OCT 2005
[/li][li]Amor F, Rudrauf D, Navarro V, et al., Imaging brain synchrony at high spatio-temporal resolution: application to MEG signals during absence seizures, [B]SIGNAL PROCESSING[/B] 85 (11): 2101-2111 NOV 2005
[/li][li]N’diaye K, Pfeuty M, Ragot R, et al., Parsing the temporal evolution of brain activity in duration discrimination with electro- and magneto-encephalography, [B]JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE[/B] : 46-46 Suppl. S 2005
[/li][li]N’Diaye K, Ragot R, Garnero L, et al., What is common to brain activity evoked by the perception of visual and auditory filled durations? A study with MEG and EEG co-recordings [B]COGNITIVE BRAIN RESEARCH[/B] 21 (2): 250-268 OCT 2004

i am a btech student.my final year project is EEG brain mapping.can i get those journols published to know the latest in the field