I have computed the source from both ECOG and SEEG using the wMNE method. I was trying to show the electrode location on the source map (cortex). But it only shows those ECOG electrodes. Is there any way that I could display both ECOG and SEEG sensors on the source map at the same time?



I made it easier to get on the same view the sources and the ECOG/SEEG sensors they were estimated from.
First open the source file (3D MRI or cortex), then right-click on the figure:

  • Menu “View ECOG/SEEG topography” or shortcut CTRL+T: displays the ECOG/SEEG contacts and values
  • Menu “Channels > ECOG/SEEG contacts” or shortcut CTRL+E: display just the contacts

However, you won’t be able to represent the ECOG and SEEG contacts in the same figure.
The only thing you can do at this level now is to compute separately the sources for both modalities.
Sorry for this limitation.


Thank you Francois!

Yes. What I did for now is to compute the source of both ECOG and SEEG at the same time to create the first source file, which could show the ECOG contacts in the source figure. Then I compute the source for SEEG alone. So I could see the SEEG source with SEEG contacts. In this case, I could see the source and contacts from both ECOG and SEEG recordings. Do you think this is the right way to do at this moment?


You have to be cautious with the use of the forward and inverse models for SEEG and ECOG, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use both modalities at the same time.

FYI: We improved significantly the tools available in Brainstorm for processing and visualizing SEEG and ECOG data, including new options for volume coregistration. They are now documented in a new tutorial:

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Thank you Francois! I’ve updated the brainstorm and the new function looks great!
Are you guys going to add some pre-set electrodes from AdTech and PMT?

Send me the specifications of all the electrodes you use and I will add them in the interface.
Here is the catalog from AdTech.
We usually use the following electrodes (Page 21 and 23):

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the catalog. I added the definitions for the contacts you listed.
Update Brainstorm and you should see them in the list. Let me know if there I did anything wrong.

For the MM16 electrodes, I just put the list of macro contacts, I have no idea how to handle micro-macro electrodes…