Edit EEG Channel at once

I am processing a lot of EEG samples on Brainstorm Software. I would like to know if there is a way to edit channel file of all samples at the same time - Add EEG positions + edit channel file (once it has been really exhaustive to do this separately for each sample).


If this is the same channel file (same number and order of channels, same electrode position), you could copy-paste one modified channel file to all the other folders.
If you chose this option, you have to do this immediately after editing the electrode positions and before doing any cleaning of the recordings with ICA.

Another solution is to script it: all the operations (except the manual adjustments of the electrodes positions) can be done with processes, and batched for multiple files, either with the interface (Process1 tab), or from a Matlab script.

To get started with scripting in Brainstorm: