EEG 14 channel device (Emotiv EpocX)

Hi there!

Is a 14 channel EEG device (Emotiv EpocX) good enough to do a research study involving BrainMapping?
Have you used it? Whats your experience with it? Since its portable and easy to use I'm considering it for a larger-scale study.

Thank you!

In my opinion, the purpose of wireless headsets with sparse sampling of the head should is not to be used for source localization.
You can use Brainstorm to compute maps of cortical activation with this system to get a rough idea of where each electrode projects on the brain, or to simulate sources and see which electrode picks them up (See: and

But in terms of signal processing, full brain maps would not be more meaningful than the EEG signal itself, just much more complicated to process. You can do plenty of interesting things with a few dry electrodes, but you might prefer to stay in sensor space.