EEG data from EDF format (RESMEDNoxA1)


Thanks for this amazing tool. However I have a problem with my files.
When I import my edf file on brainstorm, I use a default anatomy, I add EEG position (ICBM152 > Generic > ASA 10-20 94)... It detect correctly the channels...

But when I try to display time series EEG (from the raw data) nothing appears. Also, if I try to process something nothing run. But no error messages appears. It's the same for all my data :confused:

My objective will to analyze the slow waves activity.

Thanks for your help,

What file format are your using, please? You may also want to post screenshots of your workflow so far.

Sorry, I use: EDF EDF+ (.edf) format.

Can you share an example of your EDF file?

I'm not sure if the EDF file is correctly share. Please let me now.


I cant see / download the file.

Can you zip it, put it on gdrive/dropbox and then share the link here?


here the Drive link to the EDF file.


Hello everyone,

Someone found a solution for this problem ?
I tried some new things : when I import my data without add EEG positions I have a signal but non-physiologic. Strange because This EDF file works on other softwares.