EEG-fMRI simultaneous adquisition


Can fMRI artifacts be removed from EEG? Any BrainStorm module?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

We don't have experience in removing such strong artifacts (which are possibly saturating the amplifiers) from EEG signals among the Brainstorm team.
However, I remember that some groups tried to remove fMRI or TMS artifacts with Brainstorm (using ICA or custom methods), but I don't remember getting clear feedback from them.
You could try to search the forum for questions about fMRI or TMS artifacts, contact the users who posted these questions and ask them directly if they found good solutions.

If you find interesting information (discussions, published articles or open-source code) regarding this topic, please post them here, it will help other users.


Is your question related to the data acquisition and how to do EEG-fMRI acquisition? Or you already have data and your question is purely on the data analysis ? I might be able to give you more precise information depending on what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Best Current Practice for Obtaining High Quality EEG Data During Simultaneous fMRI ( might be a good introduction.

If for analysis, you can have a look at fMRIb (a plugin of EEGlab) : [Note: it's based on Matlab, so it might be easy to interface with Brainstorm]