EEG nicolet reader

Hello Francois,
I trying to read the EEG files(Nicolet eeg files) through nicolet reader (NicoletFile.m and in_fopen_nicolet). But I am unable to get the samples points of the overall data.
i tired call function GETTING DATA
% Example:
% OUT = GETDATA(OBJ, 1, [1 1000], 1:10) will return the first 1000
% values on the first 10 channels of the first segment of the file.
but i still get error.
Kindly guide me.


Hi Saif,

We didn't write this reader, so I'm not sure I can help.
If you want me to try, please send me this file.


I have attached the both the files. function getdata is included in NicoletFile.m.

NicoletFile.m (42.1 KB)
in_fopen_nicolet.m (6.6 KB)
bst_fileparts.m (2.1 KB)
db_template.m (48.7 KB)

I meant the .e Nicolet file...

Hi Francosis,
the issues got resolved since I was n't passing the object as an argument (my bad :stuck_out_tongue: ).
and run the loop for multiple segments.