EEG reference signal and simulation

Dear experts;
I want to use a signal (pseudo-real signal) for simulations that when I assign this signal to a source (scout) in a certain location in the cortex, I obtain (for example in a cap with 64 electrodes) 64 pseudo-EEG signals. For example, when I want to simulate EEG recording in BS, I assign a sinusoidal signal to a scout (e.g. sin(2ft)), I want to use the pseudo-real signal instead of the sinusoidal signal.

  1. Do you have such a signal to give me?
  2. How can I load this signal in EEG signal simulation steps?


We are currently working on the integration of SimMEEG with Brainstorm:

It will take a few more weeks before it's fully integrated and documented in Brainstorm, so if you need this now, you could try generating these signals directly from the online tutorials of SimMEEG.


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