#eegmanylabs or Many EEGs looking for study nominations

#eegmanylabs or Many EEGs project is a crowdsourced replication initiative aiming to establish reproducibility of psychological research employing EEG. Previous Many X initiatives have primarily focused on relatively low-cost studies that do not require specialist equipment. EEG studies generally require more time and resources, and, consequently, the reproducibility of such studies is largely unknown. Primarily, we are looking for influential studies that have never been replicated yet, but that have a big impact on the field. Impact is quantified by the number of citations that the paper received divided by the paper’s age (in years). In the first phase we are looking for nominations of studies (or “reported effects”). These will be evaluated for the impact and the feasibility. The list of pre-selected studies (or “reported effects”) will be opened for participating labs to be claimed for a direct replication. When we have at least three labs that are willing to contribute to the replication, the study (or “reported effect”) is included in the final protocol. Each lab will have to commit to collect enough samples to have 90% power to detect 50% of the original study effect size of interest. Depending on the available resources, participating labs can participate in multiple replication attempts. If you want your lab to be included to the project please fill out this form: https://tinyurl.com/yc9zhf5l For questions you can contact me (Nicolas Langer) (n.langer@psychologie.uzh.ch) or Yuri Pavlov: yurigpavlov@gmail.com.

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