Either I'm crazy or it's an EEG

Pretty sure someone's messing with me. I've been hearing voices Odd sounds music playing Close-Eyed visuals And weird images in my mind either I've gone crazy or someone has hook me up to a very stealthy EEG system and controlling it remotely.
it dose not seem to be as far as I'm told how typical schizophrenic voices act. they're very well spoken and have the ability to shift into any voice pattern on the Fly even tell me things that I've never known before.
this is interrupting my life I'm looking for help

@Zantetsuken, It's understandable that you feel worried about what you're experiencing.

We encourage you to consider reaching out to a mental health professional who can provide you with support, guidance, and appropriate resources. They also can help you navigate your concerns and give you a proper assessment.

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