Epileptogenecity mapping

Dear Francois I hope you are well.
I am trying to use Epileptogenecity mapping and am having problems with the tutorial. These are the errors

Unrecognized field name "R".
Error in bst_normalize_mni (line 211)
Error in process_mni_normalize>Compute (line 135)
Error in process_mni_normalize>ComputeInteractive (line 203)
Error in process_mni_normalize (line 28)
Error in figure_mri>ComputeMniCoordinates (line 3027)
Error in figure_mri>@(h,ev)ComputeMniCoordinates(hFig) (line 311) 

Is there an issue with this tutorial?

I am going to use this for a new project so looking forward to getting back to some French SEEG work!

Best wishes

Hi Rinki,

Welcome back :slight_smile:

This error was fixed two weeks ago:

Please update Brainstorm and try again.