Epileptogenicity tutorial: SPM canonical surfaces

Hi- I'm running brainstorm 3.210421, and I have the SPM12 plugin installed. When I right-click on 3DT1pre_deface, there is no option for "SPM canonical surfaces." A screenshot of the available choices is attached. If I choose SPM MRI segmentation, the output is not equivalent to what is specified in the tutorial.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Thank you for reporting this inconsistency.
Indeed, we recently removed the SPM canonical surfaces computation, and now recommend using CAT instead. The process is still available, but was removed from the popup menus.

I updated the documentation and recommendations:

Please let me know if these instructions work for you, or you find any other error in the documentation.

Thanks very much! That works, and answers my question. I really appreciate the detail in your tutorials.