ERD Inverse problem

Dear Experts,
I was recently working on analyzing a finger abduction paradigm that consists with 2s active window(subjects do index finger abduction continuously in this 2 seconds) and control 3s control window(just rest). I used to working on Fieldtrip and MNE python to do the analysis with DICS method to localize the beta band(13~30Hz) ERD occuring in pre-central gyrus and the results coming out of these two analysis platform match well and are robust to forward-model choosing, pre-processing param changes(I generated DICS analysis scripts just as their official tutorials published). I tried the same analysis pipleline in Brainstorm, but the result turns out to be very sensitive of my pipeline details and forward model choosing and brainstorm's results always differs from other two analysis platform results and unluckily Brainstorm website didn't have tutorials just the same way like Fieldtrip or MNE. I wonder if you could provide me a precise pipeline of how to process the data just the same as Fieldtrip's dics beamformer tutorials in Brainstorm(The web site link is: Or how to do this type of analysis in brainstorm maybe using other inverse methods like lcmv or mne?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Sebastian, you can find information on the different source estimation methods in this tutorial:

In there, there are dedicated sections for LCMV and MN.

About DICS, it is possible to use the FieldTrip function ft_sourceanalysis() with 'dics' as method.
The process is located on: Sources > FieldTrip : ft_sourceanalysis (DICS).
There is a correspondence one to one with the arguments of the ft_sourceanalysis(). However, we have not prepare a tutorial to exemplify its use yet.

Dear Raymundo,
Thanks for your generous help and I will retry the methods recommended again.