ERPs components to excel file


I finished plotting ERPs for all of my subject and would like to export the minimum and maximum values as well as the mean into an excel file, I would like to do so for P1/N1 and P170 and/or P1/N1 to P170.
My goal is to be able to analyse and compare these values in softwares such as Python or Rstudio.

I have read most of the discussions on the subject here but I can't export the values to an excel file.
After doing the method : Extract --> "Find the maximum"/"Extract the values"
I have a new file that is created but it has straigh lines (y = amplitude in micro volts, x = time in ms). I do not know what is the next step to export the values in excel.

Another question is : should I chose the option "maximum amplitude (negative or positive peak)" or "maximum/minimum value" ?

If possible, I would like to only export the values I need.

Thank you

In the process Find maximum in time use the field Time windows to define the interval in which the peak will be searched.

This file represents the peak value, in the requested time window, for each sensor. Since there is only one value it is shown as an horizontal line.
To export these values, right-click on the new file File > Export to file and you can chose filename and format to export. If you want to use the data in other software, you a simple format that is well supported for example ASCII: Comma-separated with header (*.csv) (it is also readable with a text editor and Excel).

That depends on what you want to get.

  • Maximum amplitude: Absolute value of the maximum amplitude (which could be positive or negative)
  • Maximum value: For a signal with positive and negative values, this is the positive peak
  • Minimum value: For a signal with positive and negative values, this is the negative peak

Thank you very much !

Is there also any way to do this for multiple files at the same time ? Or perhaps export the process to a matlab script ?

You can definitely do this process for multiple files at the same time.
All you would need to do is drag the relevant files into the process box as shown in the below example, choose the File > Export to File process, specify what you need and run it.
Or you can click the generate m.script to generate matlab script.

Thank you for your help!