Error after Brainstorm update


I updated Brainstorm this morning, and now it doesn't seem to start anymore.

I get the following error when I try to open Brainstorm:
BST> Starting Brainstorm:
BST> =================================
BST> Version: 06-Sep-2023
BST> Compiling main interface files...
BST> Deleting old process reports...
BST> Loading configuration file...
BST> Checking internet connectivity... ok
BST> Initializing user interface...
Unable to resolve the name IconLoader.ICON_APP.getImage.

Error in gui_brainstorm>CreateWindow (line 83)

Error in gui_brainstorm (line 34)

Error in gui_initialize (line 30)
GlobalData.Program.GUI = gui_brainstorm('CreateWindow');

Error in bst_startup (line 359)

Error in brainstorm (line 123)
bst_startup(BrainstormHomeDir, 1, BrainstormDbDir);

Could you help me fix this? Many thanks!

Hi @joerlema, it is likely related to an unsuccessful update, try this:

Hi Raymundo,

this worked, thank you so much!