Error during band-pass filtering EEG signal twice

Hi there BST community,

I am trying to re-bandpass filter (11-16 Hz) an EEG signal which has already been bandpass filtered (0.3 - 35 Hz). The blue highlighted folder shows what BST was attempting to generate in my attempt.
I used "Raw | notch(50Hz) | band(0.3-35Hz) | band(5-90Hz)" file to attempt bandpass filtering (11-16 Hz).

Whenever I attempt this I get the following error report. What can I do?

This is bug is not solved in: 9447d15
Please update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix.

This error was not related to the filtering process, but to the way the events are merged (e.g. when a long signal is filtered by segments)

The double band-pass filtering seems odd. Band-pass filtering the signal from 0.3 to 35Hz, and after band-pass filter it again from 5 to 90Hz, keeps only components from 5 to 35Hz

Thanks for this update Raymundo! :slight_smile:
With regards to the below this is because the bandpass filtering has been done for different channels.
That is 0.3 - 35 Hz for EEG and EOG and 5 - 90 Hz for EMG. Hope that makes sense!

That makes perfectly sense. My bad, I was not aware the pipeline details