Error from process > Average PAC maps


Hello Brainstormers,
I am facing the below error for computing the process "average PAC maps".

I have two PAC maps; mean / before scout function AND mean / after scout function.
Regardless of whether I use before or after-PAC maps I get the same error message above.

What can I do in this situation and how do I average PAC maps across subjects from the same group?

An update on this; I tried using process > Average PAC maps again on a different computer thinking that might solve it. Here is the BST GUI that I see which I've been using.

The attempt is to use the process average PAC maps to average these two files but I unfortunately I still get the same error message - any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

I've found a workaround for this - I just had to export each entire PAC map for each subject and calculate the group average in another stats software! (export "Subject01.sPAC.DirectPAC") :slight_smile: