Error in ft_freqstatistics

Hey there.
I am working on time-frequency maps of 2 seconds data(sampling rate=1000).

I have several TF maps for 2 different populations and I am looking to test if the differences are statistically significant.

On placing all the TF files in Process 1 and Process 2 tabs, I get an error that gives the following error:

I checked the file but did not find anything wrong about it.

Can you please let me know why this error gets generated and how can the same be fixed.

It looks like there is something wrong in the time definition of your files.
Possible causes:

  • your files have time definitions that are not overlapping: in that case you need to call the process "Standardize > Uniform epoch time" first
  • you had issues in the computation of your time-frequency files and these files do not contain anything
  • the time window you selected in the stat process options is incorrect

Doing Uniform Epoch Time fixed the issue for me. Thank you for the help and guidance.