Error in panel_ssp_selection.m when saving loaded ICA projectors

Hi there,

after having performed an ICA and selected the components to remove, I've saved the projectors in a file in order to apply the same projectors on other time series.
I've done it before without any trouble but this time, for this ICA, for several time series, after loading the previously saved projectors, I get the following error when saving (click "Save" on the "Select active projectors" panel).


However, it appears that the projectors are correctly applied and saved, when closing and re-opening the time series. But I'd like to be sure where the error comes from anyway.

Did this happen to anyone else before?

Thanks for your help!



Nevermind, it appears the error showed up because I tried to save the selected components before they were completely applied on the time serie.
When waiting a few seconds after loading the projectors and before saving, the error does not show up.