Error in the visualization of PAC comodulogram

Dear Brainstorm team,

I am doing static phase-amplitude coupling analysis for EEG data.
I would like to generate PAC comodulograms with the following setting:

The comodulogram files were generated, but the following error came up when I tried to open the file:

If I remember correctly, this error message did not appear before.
I do not know how I could solve this issue. Could you please investigate that?


Hi Maria,

I am not able to replicate the issue.
Please right-click on the comodulogram file > File > View file contents, then copy the line starting with |- Time: e.g:

|- Time: [0, 2]

Also can you share the problematic tPAC file (and its comodulogram)?
To know the name of the files, in the Brainstorm protocol explorer, hover the mouse on them.
To open the directory with the files: right-click on the comodulogram file > File > Show in file explorer

Hi Raymundo,

Thank you so much for your reply.
I have checked the content of Time and it was blank.

|- Time:                []

Indeed, this must be strange.

The tPAC file and its comodulogram file are below:
timefreq_dpac_fullmaps_231211_1119_perTrial_frontal.mat (8.6 KB)
timefreq_pac_fullmaps_231211_2185.mat (29.6 KB)

Hi Maria,

Thank you for sharing those files, they were useful to fixing the issue (time window definition was not properly saved). Fixed at: 04d2848

To fix the bug: Update your Brainstorm instance, then recompute the tPAC and its comodulogram.

Hi Raymundo,

I just recomputed tPACs, and I was able to make their comodulograms successfully.
Thank you so much for your investigation and fixing this issue!