Error Report During EEG Decoding

Hello, I've been trying to follow the decoding tutorial using EEG data. Although, I've tried both pairwise and time generalization methods respectively, I encountered this error report. Is there any way I can solve this problem? Thank you.

We would need some example datasets in order to reproduce this error.

  • Please zip together 10 data_....m files of each category + the channel file
  • Upload the .zip file somewhere
  • Post the download link here


Hello François, do you mean uploading 10 trial files for each class? Thank you

Yes, something like that.
A minimal list of files with which you can reproduce the error (just so that you don't have to send 2500 files)

Hello François, can I share it through direct message if possible?

Yes, click on my username to send me a private message.

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I've just sent it, thanks

I received your private message, but I do not know how to obtain the same epochs as you did from a raw file (and this is not the point of this debugging attempt anyway).

Please share the files as they are available in your Brainstorm database.

  • Right-click on the subject folder > File > Duplicate
  • In the duplicated subject: delete all the epochs but the 10 trials of each class with which you can reproduce the error
  • In the anatomy of the duplicated subject: If you are using an individual anatomy processed with FreeSurfer: delete all the files except for the MRI and the head surface
  • Make sure you can reproduce the error by selecting all the epochs of the duplicated subject
  • Right-click on the duplicated subject folder > File > Export subject
  • Share the .zip file here