Error reporting during header modeling

Hello all,
I am trying to perform the source analysis following the tutorial EEG and epilepsy.But when I proceed Register electrodes with MRI ,I get the error"No cortex surface available for this subject". Furthermore,when I proceed Source analysis,I followed the tutorial and did the same thing,it exports the same error "Error: No cortex surface available for this subject" when I clickedon the channel file"Compute head model"and selected " cortex surface " and "OpenMEEG BEM".
Why did such an error occur? How to solve it? Thank you very much.

It looks like you haven't imported the anatomy correctly.
Start again the tutorial from the beginning...

If you are not familiar with Brainstorm yet, we recommend you start by reading all the introduction tutorials (the section "Get started" on the tutorial page) before reading any advanced tutorial, like the one you are reading.