Error uploading Fasttrack .fif channel file


We are doing recordings with HD-EEG, and to have the electrodes' positions we are using Fast Track (Using the Head Shape Digitization software, which creates a .fif file with the channels' positions).
After we upload the .cnt file that has the EEG raw recording, we click on "import channel file", and when we try to upload the .fif file an error appears on Matlab and the channel positions are never uploaded.

We are using the latest version of Brainstorm, and running it on Matlab.

Any advice or help would be very appreciated!

Thank you,

We never implemented the possibility to load only digitized head files from .fif files.
Can you please post an example file here?
Where is software your are using coming from?

(btw, you can also use Brainstorm for the digitization: