Error using Envelope Correlation NxN (2020)

Hi Brainstorm experts,

I am running some connectivity analysis on source localized MEG using the Envelop Correlation NxN (2020) function, and it gave me an error message: Capture

The Amplitude Envelop Correlation (NxN) seems to work fine, but I saw that the Envelop Correlation NxN (2020) provides more options.

Other connectivity metrices, e.g., PLV, worked fine, just the envelop correlation did not work.

Any ideas what could be the issue?


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This is because the corr.m function is part of the Statistics toolbox, which is not installed on your computer.
I tried adding a replacement for this function using Octave's corr.m and cov.m functions:

It works but gives slightly different results.
You can update Brainstorm to get this fix, or use the compiled version of Brainstorm to have access to all the functions from all the Matlab toolboxes.

@hossein27en Could you please check whether what I did makes sense? Or could you think of another replacement for the use of the Matlab corr.m function?

Thank you. I installed the Machine Learning and Statistics plug in and it is working now!