Error while tPAC

Hello Raymundo/Sylvain
I wanted to ask about the input files for running tPAC on my dataset. I am trying to do it on an averaged time series data for around 68 trials. Firstly, I extracted the values of only midline electrodes and then did tPAC on the data. I am hereby attaching the details.

Just for an information, the time window of interest is 0-1500 ms, and the sliding time window chosen is 0.33 seconds.

When I'm trying to extract the comodulogram for the same tPAC map. I am getting an error for which I am attaching the screenshot. Please suggest me what should I do to properly extract comodulograms, or if I am giving the correct input file?

Hoping for a prompt reply.
Thanks in advance!

First, running PAC on trail averaged data is not recommended as the phase of both the nesting and nested oscillations may not be consistent across trials, resulting in signal cancellation/attenuation through averaging. Second, your time window of 330 ms is too short to detect PAC effects for nesting frequencies below 6Hz: the window length needs to be at least twice as long as the duration of two cycles of the slowest nesting frequency.
The error might be due to lack of PAC detection in the data.