Error with ICBM 2023 using DuNeuro

Hi there!
I have been using DuNeuro Fem for computing head models for a while, It usually does it very fast,
I updated Brainstorm recently and now It stucks on DuNeuro computing,

Message: Computing Leadfield....

and that's it, it simply does not finish and gives no more messages

I have not changed any parameters, I'm doing the way I always do
I'm using default anatomy (ICBM 2023) and I created the Fem mesh,

Help please!

BST> Emptying temporary directory...
BST> Checking latest online version for duneuro...
BST> Adding plugin duneuro to path: C:\Users\Omar.brainstorm\plugins\duneuro\bst_duneuro
BST> Adding plugin duneuro to path: C:\Users\Omar.brainstorm\plugins\duneuro\bst_duneuro\bin
DUNEURO> Writing temporary files to: C:\Users\Omar.brainstorm\tmp\duneuro_230509_185951
DUNEURO> System call: "C:\Users\Omar.brainstorm\plugins\duneuro\bst_duneuro\bin\bst_duneuro_meeg_win64.exe" "C:\Users\Omar.brainstorm\tmp\duneuro_230509_185951\"
Reading 3d Gmsh grid...
version 2.2 Gmsh file detected
file contains 16524 nodes
file contains 71664 elements
number of real vertices = 16300
number of boundary elements = 0
number of elements = 71664
volume_conductor.time_reading_gmsh = 7.21884
tensors = 5
time = 0
volume_conductor.time_reading_tensors = 0
volume_conductor.time_reordering_indices = 0.0039994
volume_conductor.time = 7.22283
degree = 1
element_type = tetrahedron
WARNING: You are using AMG without SuperLU! Please consider installing SuperLU, or set the usesuperlu flag to false to suppress this warning.

UPDATE: I used ICBM 2022 instead the newest version and it worked!, head model was computed quickly and without any error,


:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

As stated in the main paper, I believe this error is related to the head model construction or phase 1:

Can you check what is the difference between the mesh of these two version of the ICBM?
Have you used the same parameters?
There is probably an issue either at the segmentation step or the mesh generation step

Well, I tried again using ICBM 2023b for default anatomy, and Iso2Mesh-2021 and MergeMesh for generating Fem Mesh, I choose default options, but this time I got an error message about the tags of Tissues are nor recognized (????):

So I used iso2Mesh instead and I got no more problems, but it is weird
please help!