Errors in extract scouts time series


I met some problems when extracting time series of modeled source activity for pre-defined scout, after successfully importing and processing data with brainstorm. This resulted in my imported brainstorm data missing the necessary results for Process sources analysis. The error message is as follows:

What could be causing this and is there a way to change it? Thanks a lot.


The error is not at extracting scout time series, but at source estimation, and it is related to the head model (forward model).

  1. Check your noise covariance. Plot it and share the image
  2. How was the head model created?
  3. Check that your head model does not contain zeros and NaN values

Check the first 5 post in the other thread:

Thanks for reply. Sorry for not getting back to you in time.
Actually, I check the parameters of noise covariance according to your suggestion, and the error has been solved.

Thanks a lot.